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IceAway® Max Green

IceAway® Max Green magnesium chloride has a unique shape that works on contact, penetrating ice and snow quickly. It's safer for contact with people, animals, lawns and concrete.*



  • Melts ice to -15°F/-26°C
  • 50 lb. bags and 2,000 lb. totes
  • Faster than other ice melters at melting snow and ice due to its unique hygroscopic action that quickly attracts moisture
  • Doesn’t blow or roll away like other deicers that use a flake or pellet form. Unique crystal shape helps it stay where you put it
  • Safer for concrete — causes significantly less cracking, scaling and spalling on concrete than calcium chloride when used as directed



Our Commitment to Safety and the Environment

Designated a "Safer Choice" by the U.S. EPA, IceAway Max Green demonstrates our commitment to the health and safety of people, pets, plants and the environment.


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*Compared to conventional ice melters when used as directed.