IceAway® | Rock Salt Ice Melter

Whether you’re a contractor, a landscaper or a distributor, IceAway® Rock Salt packaged ice melter is the reliable and economical solution for winter weather. With the ability to melt ice down to 5ºF/-15ºC, IceAway Rock Salt deicer offers the element-fighting power you need to outlast the season.

About IceAway Rock Salt

IceAway Rock Salt is derived from the naturally-occuring salt in our environment, and then is refined for ice-melting use on driveways, sidewalks and other surfaces.

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Commitment to the Environment

Through the responsible transformation of the earth’s natural resources, we at Compass Minerals help keep people safer while being committed to our stewardship of the environment.

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Find valuable resources from product and safety data sheets to information about salt and its use for ice melting.

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